Individual Benefits

Get Benefits for Yourself, Your Family, or an Individual Employee.

Individual health insurance covers only one individual or family’s medical bills. Individual insurance, as opposed to group insurance, is purchased individually from an insurance company. If available, group insurance is usually a better alternative since it is more comprehensive. Individual coverage, on the other hand, is far superior to being uninsured in the case of illness or accident. Although you may believe you can live without health insurance, you are taking a significant risk if you do not obtain coverage. An unanticipated sickness or major injury might put you and your family’s finances in jeopardy. In a group insurance arrangement, the policy details are negotiated between the insurer and the master policyowner (usually an employer or association). Individual insurance puts you in complete management of your coverage. 

Individual Benefit Coverage Examples

Westley Price Insurance provides comprehensive assistance and plan alternatives through insurance policies for people and families that require coverage but do not have it through their job or Medicare. We take pleasure in our commitment to considering each individual’s unique situation when advising on plan alternatives.

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There are several health insurance firms that provide various types of plans. Westley Price Insurance specialists can assist you in locating a plan that meets your present needs and desires.